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Mathematical Courses

[online] קורס רקע במתמטיקה של אוניברסיטת בן גוריון - אינטראקטיבי
[online] Mathematical introduction for Physics2 service courses

Linear Algebra (Link to 2014 course site)
Differential and Integral Calculus I
Calculus II - multivariable functions
Calculus II - series and transforms
Differential Equations
Complex Functions Analysis
Probability theory

Labs and Misc

Physics Laboratory A
Physics Laboratory B
Physics Laboratory C
Lab demonstration site

Seminars and Colloquium
Research Topics Seminar
Student Seminar
Research Frontiers in natural sciences

Regular Physics Courses

Introduction to mathematical methods in Physics
Introduction to Computational Physics
Mathematical Methods in Physics - graduates

Physics 1
Physics 2
Physics 3

Modern Physics Introduction
Topics in Classical Physics
Analytical Mechanics
Electrodynamics I
Electrodynamics II

Gravitation Theory I
Gravitation Theory II
Astrophysics I
General Astronomy 1
Radiation and Matter in the Universe
The Dynamical universe

Quantum Mechanics I
Quantum Mechanics II
Quantum Mechanics III
Quantum Mechanics IV
Quantum Field Theory I
Introduction to Particle and Fields
Particles 1
Particles 2
Introduction to String theory

Statistical Mechanics & Thermodynamics I
Statistical Mechanics & Thermodynamics II
Statistical Mechanics
Selected topics in Quantum and Statistical Mechanics

Classical and Modern Optics
Radiation Theory
Quantum Optics
Atomic and Molecular Physics
Introduction to Nano-physics
Lasers, Nonlinear and Ultrafast Optics

Solid State Physics I
Solid State Physics II
Quantum Materials
Many Body Physics
Selected Topics in Solid State Physics
Selected Topics in Solid State Physics II

Soft Matter Physics
Plasma Physics
Physics of the living cell

Nonlinear Dynamics
Spatio-Temporal Patterns in Nonlinear Systems
Dynamical systems

Back of the Envelope Physics

Methods in Experimental Physics
Experimental Methods for Quantum technology
Electronics and quantum devices


Personally Maintained Sites

Gravitation 1 (Brustein)
Gravitation 2 (Brustein)
String Theory (Brustein)
Statistical Mechanics (Cohen)
Quantum Mechanics (Cohen)
Modern Physics (Cohen)

Inactive Courses (segel only)


Service Courses

Introduction to Physics 1
Physics 1A
Physics 1B
Physics 1C

Mathematical introduction for Physics 2
Physics 2A
Physics 2B
Physics 2C

Physics 3A
Physics 3B

203-1-1371 Physics1A
203-1-1391 Physics1B
203-1-1361 Physics1B - enhanced
203-1-1331 Physics1C

203-1-1471 Physics2A
203-1-1491 Physics2B
203-1-1721 Physics2B - enhanced
203-1-1641 Physics2B - reinforced
203-1-1431 Physics2C

203-1-2391 Physics3A
203-1-2421 Physics3B

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