Cosmology with gravitational wave - large scale structure cross-correlation

by Alvise Raccanelli

University of Padova
at Physics Colloquium

Mon, 15 Nov 2021, 16:10


The landscape of cosmological experiments in the next decade will include several new surveys. Large-Scale Structure surveys will reach full maturity and take the lead in constraining cosmological models. The first detections of gravitational waves from the merger of compact objects opened up a new window to investigate the Universe, in ways and regimes previously unexplored, delivering new insights for astrophysics and fundamental physics.
In this talk I will present ways to combine these two observables and use such cross-correlation to investigate cosmological models, with particular focus on constraining the existence and abundance of primordial black holes and testing early Universe physics.

*** The Zoom link will be sent to all the department members on the day of the event. ***

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