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The calendars can be found at -> For Faculty -> Events and calendars -> Seminar room 207 occupation calendar, Chairperson room occupation calendar.

If you want to reserve on of the rooms for an event, please:

  1. The Chairperson's room can be used weekly until 15:00 only (the meetings should end by 15:00).
  2. Check in the calendar if the room is available during the time slots you need.
  3. Contact Ina ( + Anna ( + Physics office ( ) to reserve the room for you.
  4. Please make sure you send a full information – the organizer's / meeting's name + needed times (from… to…)
  5. Only after you receive a confirmation from either of us, the room is yours. Please make sure you have a key.


A person who is using the room without a reservation, should free the room if a party with a reservation shows by.

Please note that room 207 is not intended for teaching use. If a lecturer needs it for teaching, he needs a Chair's approval.

Updated on Feb. 28, 2022
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