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Recommended QST track courses for 2020-2021

Core Courses:
203-2-5271 Experimental methods of quantum technology     [recommended]
203-2-4611 Experimental methods of quantum materials    [recommended]
203-2-5321 Atomic and Molecular Physics  [recommended] (*)
203-2-4331 Lasers, nonlinear and ultrafast optics    [recommended]
203-2-4321 Quantum Optics [recommended] (**)
(*) Defined by the teaching committee as an optional quantum course
(**)  An optional EE course can be selected - see below - default is 365-2-6901
Elective BSc Courses [should be checked whether can be approved for MSc]
203-1-3141 Quantum Theory 1   [recommended]
203-1-3241 Quantum Theory 2   [recommended]
Optional courses from CS:
202-1-5241 Quantum Computation   
202-2-4741 Information Theory
202-2-6241 Quantum Cryptography
Optional courses from EE:
361-2-1050 Nonlinear Optics - Prof. Amiel Ishaaya  [recommended]
361-2-6371 Optical Holography and Diffraction - Prof. Joseph Rosen
361-2-5351 Integrated Optics and Communication Applications - Prof. Shlomo Hava
361-2-5611 Statistical Optics
Optional courses from Materials:
365-2-6901 Nano-Materials  [recommended]
365-2-6016 Nanofabrication processes
Additional source for optional courses and electives:!sc.AnnualSearchResults?on_course_degree_level=2&on_course_department=361!sc.AnnualSearchResults?on_course_degree_level=2&on_course_department=365!sc.AnnualSearchResults?on_course_degree_level=2&on_course_department=362
In particular See Electrooptics p.4 of
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