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Margalit, Yair



  • 2018- 2019, PhD Title is not available
    with Ron Folman
  • 2016- 2018, MSc Title is not available
    with Ron Folman


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  2. Zhou, Zhifan And Margalit, Yair And Rohrlich, Daniel And Japha, Yonathan And Folman, Ron, "Quantum Complementarity Of Clocks In The Context Of General Relativity", Classical And Quantum Gravity 35, 185003 (2018)
  3. Goren, Sd And Shporer, M And Margalit, Y, "O-17 Nuclear-Quadrupole-Resonance Measurements In The Ferroelectric Phase Of Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate - Evidence For Proton Tunneling", Physical Review B 27, 5419-5423 (1983)