Computational Physics 

Semester 2011A

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Course Outline:


Introduction & course overview

The recommended computing environment and basic programming 

Numerical precision and basic numerical analysis (approximation of a function)

Numerical Differentiation, High-Throughput Computing - Condor

Numerical integration,  High-Performance Computing

Linear Algebra, Parallel Computing
Random numbers and Monte Carlo methods

Diffusion equation and random walks, Parallel Computation of a steady state heat equation 

Metropolis algorithm and studies of phase transitions 

Ordinary differential equations 

Partial differential equations 

Wave equation in one and two dimensions 

Students Projects presentations

Detailed Schedule:

Meeting Date Topic Lecture Material Reading
(read before class!)
Complementary Material
  10/10/2010 Beginning of the new Academic Year   M. Hjorth-Jensen, Ch. 1 (pdf)  
1 14/10/10 Lecture 1:
Introduction  - Course Overview and requirements

C/C++ and Representation of Numbers.

Euler approximation:
Case study #1:  Radioavtive decay

Mini course: Introduction to Condor (part1)

Introduction                 ( part 1, part 2 )

M. Hjorth-Jensen, Ch. 2 (pdf) - Introduction to C++ and Fortran

Giordano&Nakanishi Appendix A

Introduction to Fortran90
2 21/10/10
Numerical Differentiation

Mini course: Introduction to Condor - part 2: High-Throughput Computing with Condor

Mini Course: Introduction to root


Numerical Differentiation

Condor user tutorial (Condor Week 2010)
M. Hjorth-Jensen, Ch. 3 (pdf) - Numerical Differentiation Condor
3 28/10/10 Numerical Integration

Introduction to High-Performance Computing

Home assignment #1

Numerical Integration

Introduction to HPC
M. Hjorth-Jensen, Ch. 7 (pdf) - Numerical Integration Giordano&Nakanishi Appendix E

Books about Parallel Computing

4 4/11/10 Linear Algebra

Mini course: Parallel Computing with MPI

Mini Course: How to build a Beowulf - Building a computing cluster demo


Linear Algebra

MPI Tutorial


Parallel  Cluster using BCCD
M. Hjorth-Jensen, Ch. 4 (pdf) - Linear Algebra   Giordano&Nakanishi Appendix H

Linear Algebra - MIT Open Courseware - Prof. Gilbert Strang

18.085 Computational Science and Engineering I - MIT Open Courseware - Prof. Gilbert Strang
5 11/11/10 Differential Equations

Mini Course: Scilab

Mini Course: Parallel Computing with OpenMP

Mini Course: FlexPDE and/or Comsol Multi Physics


Differential Equations


OpenMP tutorial

M. Hjorth-Jensen, Ch. 13 (pdf) - Differential Equations Giordano&Nakanishi Appendix A


OpenMP quick reference card
6 18/11/10 No Class this week
 SC10 Logo
7 25/11/10 Monte Carlo Computations

Mini Course: Introduction to "R"
and Elastic-R demo for Cloud Computing

Home assignment #2

Deadline: Finalizing the Final Projects' topics

Monte Carlo Computations

Supercomputing 2010 and the latest Top500 list

R- tutorial

More MPI:
Synchronous Computations
ITCS 4/5145 Parallel computing, UNC-Charlotte, B. Wilkinson, 2009.
M. Hjorth-Jensen, Ch. 8 (pdf) - Outline of the Monte Carlo strategy Giordano&Nakanishi Appendix F

8 2/12/10 Random walk and the Metropolis Algorithm

Mini Course:
Visualization with  VisIt


Random Walk and the Metropolis Algorithm

VisIt tutorial
SC10 Tutorial

M. Hjorth-Jensen, Ch. 9 (pdf) - Random Walk and the Metropolis Algorithm


The Top 10 Algorithms
9 9/12/10
Monte Carlo Methods in Statistical Physics

An Example from New Kind of Science (NKS): Running a python program using Condor on a HPC server on Amazon"s cloud (EC2) to compute 256 rules.

Home assignment #3

Monte Carlo Methods in Statistical Physics


Silo example program wave.c
M. Hjorth-Jensen, Ch. 10 (pdf) -  Monte Carlo Methods in Statistical Physics  

10 16/12/10
Quantum Monte-Carlo Methods

Mini-Course: GPGPU+Matlab, (gp-you) - Benchmark CPU/GPU speed-up.

 The Israeli Association of Cloud Computing (IGT)


Quantum Monte-Carlo Methods

Monte Carlo Simulations video  lecture by Prof. R. Landau's

Stephen Wolfram: Computing a theory of everything (TED)

 M. Hjorth-Jensen, Ch. 11 (pdf) - Quantum Monte-Carlo Methods IGT
11   Partial Differential Equations

Mini Course: Introduction to Geant4

Mini Course JAS

Mini Course: Kepler Workflow Manager

PDE (Presentation not available online)

Introduction to Geant4


Kepler Workflow Manager
 M. Hjorth-Jensen, Ch. 15 (pdf) - Partial Differential Equations

30/12/10 Students Presentations 1


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13 2/1/11 Students Presentations 2

Course closure - Concluding remarks

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 * 7/1/11  End of  semester      
* 21/1/11 Deadline: Submission of Final Projects      
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