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Maniv, Eran

Maniv, Eran
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We are building a Quantum Materials Laboratory which is focusing on creating exotic condensed matter systems. Our synthesis laboratory includes various inorganic growth techniques (flux, solid-state, chemical vapor transport, ect...) enabling a versatile approach for designing new material physics. Complementary to the synthesis is our measurement and fabrication laboratory which includes crystallographic, thermodynamic and transport capabilities. We are interested in highly correlated electron systems such as: unconventional/topological superconductors, topological magnets, frustrated spintronic devices and more. To achieve our goal we have the ability to design and fabricate nano/micro structures using electron beam lithography and focused ion beam machining. Together with our low-temperature/high-field capabilities we are searching for new and exciting states of matter.

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  1. Lab engineer (Lab C), Henry Realpe
  2. MSc student, Dmitriy Sitkovskiy

Past undergraduate students *

  1. Lion Sudit (2022)
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