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Palti, Eran

Palti, Eran
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Research topics

Quantum Gravity; String Theory; Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology.

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Research group

  1. MSc student, Dvir Cohen
  2. MSc student, Omer Elbaz
  3. PhD student, Jarod Hattab
  4. Postdoc, Nikolo Petri
  5. Postdoc, Joan Quirant

Past postdocs *

  1. Marco Michel (2024)
  2. Stefano Andriolo (2023)

Past graduate students *

  1. Ze'Ev Girsh, MSc (2023)
  2. Asaf Arzi, PhD (2023)
* Past students / postdocs data might be incomplete

Research highlights

Effective Theories and Quantum Gravity

Effective Theories and Quantum Gravity

Effective theories are simplified physics models which neglect high-energy processes. If those theories include gravitational physics, then the omitted high-energy physics must include that of Quantum Gravity. Not all effective theories can be consistently completed at high energies into Quantum Gravity. Those which can are said to belong to the Landscape of effective theories. While those which cannot are said to belong to the Swampland of inconsistent theories. We study what are the criteria which differentiate an effective theory in the Landscape from one in the Swampland.