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Bar Lev, Yevgeny

Bar Lev, Yevgeny
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Condensed matter theory, thermalization, nonequillibrium

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Nonequillibrium dynamics

Nonequillibrium dynamics
Spreading of density excitation in a two-dimensional Fermi-Hubbard model

While conventionally condendsed matter theory was moslty concerned with equilibrium or stationary states situations, recent theoretical and experimental progress spurred interest in nonequillibrium. In our group we study various situations of nonequillibrium dynamics, such as transport, quenches and external driving.

Disordered Systems

Disordered Systems
Characterization of the anomalous ergodic phase, leaves many questions open.

Disorder allows avoiding thermalization and defy conventional statistical mechanics, through the mechanisms of Anderson or many-body localization. We study these ergodicity breaking mechanisms in detail. In particular the nature of transport and correlations spreading in systems on the verge of localization.


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