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Zisling, Guy

MSc student


  • 2019- 2022, MSc Chaos and Transport in Quantum Many-body Systems
    with Yevgeny Bar Lev

    Abstract/Description: This thesis numerically studies the statical and dynamical nature of two different classes of many-
    body quantum systems. In the first part of the thesis we explore a model which is chaotic at
    half-filling and show that at least three particles are needed to achieve quantum chaos. In the
    second part of the thesis we study spin transport in an interacting system at half-filling found
    in a constant electric field. This system was proposed to exhibit Stark Many-Body Localization
    (Stark-MBL), namely absence of transport. We show that it while the system is localized up to
    finite times, this times drifts for larger system sizes suggesting that Stark MBL occurs only at the
    thermodynamic limit.


  1. Guy Zisling and Dante M. Kennes and Yevgeny Bar Lev, "Transport In Stark Many Body Localized Systems", Phys. Rev. B 105, L140201 (2022)
  2. Zisling, G. and Santos, L.F. and Bar Lev, Y., "How Many Particles Make Up A Chaotic Many-Body Quantum System?", SciPost Phys 10, 088 (2021)