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Meir, Hagar

PhD student
Meir, Hagar


  • 2024- now, PhD Title is not available
    with Ram Brustein
  • 2021- 2024, MSc From Euclidean Black Hole to a Bouncing Cosmology
    with Ram Brustein

    Abstract/Description: This thesis introduces a novel two-dimensional cosmological model of a bouncing
    cosmology, in which the universe contracts until a certain point and then
    expands. Using a two-dimensional string action; including a winding condensate
    and the dilaton scalar field, we obtain a model that allows the possibility
    of a non-singular bounce. Utilizing a non-singular Euclidean Black
    Hole solution, an analytic continuation of space and time, and a coordinate
    transformation, we successfully construct the desired bouncing cosmology
    solution featuring a non-singular contracting and then expanding universe.