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Keshet, Uri

Keshet, Uri
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Research topics

Astrophysics; Cosmology; Numerical physics

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  • Tasks and Responsibilities Committee (Member)
  • Teaching Related (Coordinator - Dkalim)

Research group

  1. MSc student, Yotam Gal
  2. MSc student, Idan Wallerstein
  3. PhD student, Arka Ghosh
  4. PhD student, Gideon Ilani
  5. PhD student, Yotam Nagar
  6. Postdoc, Kuan-chou Hou
  7. Postdoc, Santanu Mondal

Past postdocs *

  1. Daniel Ross Kagan (2021)

Past graduate students *

  1. Assaf Lavi, MSc (2021)
  2. Ofir Arad, MSc (2021)
  3. Yedov Yanai, PhD (2021)
  4. Yossi Naor, PhD (2020)
  5. Ido Reiss, PhD (2019)
  6. Itay Raveh, MSc (2019)
  7. Nimrod Sherf, MSc (2018)

Past undergraduate students *

  1. עומר וסרמן (2021)
  2. עומר אלבז (2021)
* Past students / postdocs data might be incomplete

Research highlights

Virial shocks

Virial shocks

In the hierarchical paradigm of large-scale structure formation, galaxy clusters are the largest objects ever to virialize. These island universes are thought to grow by accreting mass through surrounding large scale, strong yet elusive, virial shocks. A combination of analytical, numerical, and observational techniques has recently led us to the first detections of these shocks, thus providing new routes for studying large-scale structure, tracing the cosmic-web, constraining shock physics, and probing dark matter and dark energy.

Additional research highlights