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Zilber, Elad

MSc student


  • 2016- 2018, MSc Title is not available
    with Grzegorz Jung


  1. Appel, Oshrat And Zilber, Tsvika And Kalabukhov, Sergey And Beeri, Ofer And Gelbstein, Yaniv, "Morphological Effects On The Thermoelectric Properties Of Ti0.3Zr0.35Hf0.35Ni1+Delta Sn Alloys Following Phase Separation", Journal Of Materials Chemistry C 3, 11653-11659 (2015)
  2. Jung, G. And Camerlingo, C. And Zilber, E., "Noise Anisotropy In Yba2Cu3O7-Delta Thin Films", Acta Physica Polonica A 115, 69-72 (2009)