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Grosfeld, Eytan

Grosfeld, Eytan
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Research topics

Topological super conductors; Topological insulators; Non-Abelian anyons.

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Research group

  1. MSc student, Lior Shai
  2. MSc student, Tali Shnaider
  3. PhD student, Shimon Haver
  4. PhD student, Emuna Rimon
  5. PhD student, Idan Wallershtein

Past postdocs *

  1. Daniel Dahan (2023)
  2. Konstantin Yavilberg (2022)
  3. Amrita Ghosh (2021)

Past graduate students *

  1. Daniel Dahan, PhD (2021)
  2. Konstantin Yavilberg, PhD (2020)
  3. Daniel Ariad, PhD (2018)
  4. Daniel Dahan, MSc (2015)
  5. Daniel Ariad, MSc (2012)

Past undergraduate students *

  1. Lior Shai (2024)
  2. Lior Shai (2022)
  3. דניאל פרומקין (2021)
* Past students / postdocs data might be incomplete

Research highlights

Topological Supercoductors and Majorana Fermions

Topological Supercoductors and Majorana Fermions
Majorana fermion based superconducting qubit

We are interested in properties of topological superconductors, a fascinating state of matter that could be harnessed to create a new type of quantum computer [E. Ginossar and E. Grosfeld, Nature Communications 5, 4772 (2014), Tunability of microwave transitions as a signature of coherent parity mixing effects in the Majorana-transmon qubit.]

Additional research highlights


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