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Kupfer, Rotem

MSc student


  • 2016- 2018, MSc Title is not available
    with Boris Barmashenko

    Abstract/Description: Computational study of nonlinear laser-plasma interactions


  1. Kupfer, Rotem And Barmashenko, Boris D. And Bar, Ilana, "Structure, Dynamics, And Light Localization In Self-Induced Plasma Photonic Lattices", Physical Review A 89, 043830 (2014)
  2. Epshtein, Michael And Portnov, Alexander And Kupfer, Rotem And Rosenwaks, Salman And Bar, Ilana, "Enhanced Sensitivity In H Photofragment Detection By Two-Color Reduced-Doppler Ion Imaging", Journal Of Chemical Physics 139, 184201 (2013)
  3. Kupfer, Rotem And Barmashenko, Boris And Bar, Ilana, "Computational Modeling Of Laser-Plasma Interactions: Pulse Self-Modulation And Energy Transfer Between Intersecting Laser Pulses", Physical Review E 88, 013307 (2013)