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Frumker, Eugene

Frumker, Eugene
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Research topics

Attosecond Science; Nanophotonics

Researcher identification
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Research group

  1. MSc student, Roy Wolf
  2. PhD student, Noam Shlomo

Past graduate students *

  1. Avry Shirakov, PhD (2022)
  2. Harel Hecht, MSc (2018)
  3. Avry Shirakov, MSc (2015)
* Past students / postdocs data might be incomplete

Research highlights

Attosecond science and nanophotonics Lab

Attosecond science and nanophotonics Lab

*Tracing and control of electronic motion in atoms, molecules, and nanostructures in space and time (4D). Progress in lightwave electronics.

*Table-top XUV and soft X-ray laser-like sources.
Nano-scale spatial resolution to optical science of attosecond pulses.

*New dynamic imaging modalities – significantly improved
spatial/temporal resolution, new contrast imaging for lifescience and nanotechnology.

*And much more…

Attosecond Science and Nanophotonics Lab

Attosecond Science and Nanophotonics Lab

We are setting up a brand-new research laboratory of Attosecond Science and Nanophotonics in the Physics Department of the Ben-Gurion University. In our group, we focus on both experimental and theoretical studies at the interface of ultrafast nonlinear optics, attosecond science and nanoscience. More specifically, our work involves generation, measurement and control of the interaction of light and matter in atoms, molecules and nanosystems in space and time at extremely short (attosecond=10^(-18)sec) time scales. Our interests range from fundamental physical phenomena to applications.

Additional research highlights


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