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Gabay, Carmit

PhD student


  • 2013- 2018, PhD Title is not available
    with Oleg Krichevsky


  1. Gabay, Daniel And Balberg, Shmuel And Keshet, Uri, "Shock Revival In Core-Collapse Supernovae: A Phase-Diagram Analysis", Astrophysical Journal 815, 37 (2015)
  2. Visoly-Fisher, I. And Mescheloff, A. And Gabay, M. And Bounioux, C. And Zeiri, L. And Sansotera, M. And Goryachev, A. E. And Braun, A. And Galagan, Y. And Katz, E. A., "Concentrated Sunlight For Accelerated Stability Testing Of Organic Photovoltaic Materials: Towards Decoupling Light Intensity And Temperature", Solar Energy Materials And Solar Cells 134, 99-107 (2015)