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Instructions to update research progress

Research progress table as appears here is used by the head of the MSc and PhD committees to rank applicants to fellowships and prizes.
  1. Login to the department website using your university credentials

  2. Got to your profile

  3. And click the edit button next to your name

  4. To add publications click (1) in the screenshot, to add thesis or research proposal click (2)


    1. Choose Thesis or thesis proposal

    2. Choose your position MSc or PhD

    3. Enter the title in English

    4. Enter the absract (opptional for proposals, required for thesis)

    5. Adjust the current year if needed.

    6. Add the proposal or thesis files (only PDF files are supported)

    7. Click on "Save"

  6. Check that research progress table was updated.


Updated on Sept. 7, 2022
Updated by Bar Lev, Yevgeny (ybarlev)
Created on Sept. 6, 2022
Created by Bar Lev, Yevgeny (ybarlev)