WELCOME TO Yigal Meir's group's PAGE


Yigal Meir
ymeir at bgu.ac.il

Shahar Kasirer, M.Sc. Student
Hysteresis and avalanches in disordered superconductors
kasirer at bgu.ac.il

Stefan Fischer, Postdoc
Equilibration of quantum Hall edge states
stefan.fischer at weizmann.ac.il

Daniel Ariad, Postdoc
Phase transitions at the edge of topological superconductors
daniel at ariad.org

Sabyasachi Tarat, Postdoc
Nonequilibrium transport in disordered superconductors
terubrahms at gmail.com

Yaakov Kleeorin, PhD student
Kondo Effects in Mult-Dot Systems
kleeorin at gmail.com

Omer Goldberg, MSc student
Efficiency of Exciton Transfer in the Presence of Correlated Vibrations
goldomer at post.bgu.ac.il

Yair Mazal, MSc student
Non-Equilibrium Thermoelectric Response in Quantum-Dot Junctions
yairmazal at gmail.com


Jianhui Wang, postdoc
Complex Edge States in the Fractional Quantum Hall Regime and in Topological Insulators
jw12 at umail.iu.edu

Roi Levi, Ph.D student
Theory of the Quantum Hall Insulator
Density functional Theory of Disordered Systems
roilev at bgu.ac.il

Amir Erez, Ph.D student
Disordered Superconductors
erezam at bgu.ac.il

Tania Kuzmenko, postdoc
Thermo-transport in Quantum Point Contacts
tetyana at bgu.ac.il

Elkana Porat, M.Sc. student
Magnetoresistance in Disordered Superconductors
elkanapo at bgu.ac.il

Sarit Nagar, M.Sc. student
Pfaffian and anti-Pfaffian states
sarit.06 at gmail.com

Vadim Puller, postdoc
Transport in Mesoscopic Systems
puller at bgu.ac.il

Gareth Conduit, postdoc
Transport through Disordered Superconductors
gjc29 at cam.ac.uk

Yoni Dubi, Ph.D. student
Disordered Superconductors
jdubi at bgu.ac.il