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Research interests:

 The physics of collisionless shocks
 Large-scale structure
 Black holes
 Stellar evolution
 Structure of the Milky-Way
 Broadband astronomy
 Neutrino astronomy
 Hydrodynamic and MHD modeling

Some recent highlights:

    All diffuse ICM radio sources naturally explained as manifestations of the same relativistic ions
    Virial shock finally detected in radio: LWA
    A new quasi-steady state explains the spiral structures and universal entropy profile in galaxy clusters
    The Fermi bubbles must arise from jetted emission from  the Milky-Way black hole
    Dark matter pull seen in action - no lensing needed
    The spectrum of pulsar wind nebule cores is maximally hard

    Large-scale spiral flows identified in deprojected galaxy clusters

    Virial shocks detected also via SZ, coincident with gamma-rays

    Virial shocks detected! (around Coma and stacked LAT clusters)

    Fermi bubbles identified: outgoing strong shocks with X-ray shells and inward CR diffusion

    Galaxy cluster mystery: are the spiral flow and the linear entropy profile related?

    Flow around an axisymmetric object: analytic hydrodynamic and magnetization approximations

    Self-similar solution found: directed ultra-relativistic blast wave

    Missing asymptotic Kerr quasinormal mode branch discovered

Sample topics:

The largest objects - galaxy clusters

Black holes - in astrophysics and as clues to quantum gravity

Sample projects:

Sample project highlights (permanently outdated)

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