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Post-docs and Grad Students:
Ghosh, Arka (Ph.D., with Y. Lyubarski)
Demidov, Ivan (Ph.D., with Y. Lyubarski)
Dr. Hou, Kuan-Chou (post-doc)
Ilani, Gideon (Ph.D.; Excellence fellowship, High-tech fellowship)
Nagar, Yotam (Ph.D.; Prat fellowship)
Raveh, Itay (Ph.D., with R. Brustein)

B.Sc project and summer students:
Monsonego, Raz (B.Sc. project) - bullet-like clusters
Palensya, Shahar (B.Sc. project) - AGN bubbles

Postdoc positions (AAS ad, EAS ad)

Open positions: M.Sc., Ph.D., and postdoctoral studies (ad in Hebrew)

Projects available for B.Sc. students
(ad in Hebrew)


Arad, Ofir (M.Sc. 2021; Excellence fellowship; BSc. project + Dekalim 2017)
Avitan, Dina (M.Sc. project with O. Freifeld, 2021), deep learning in astronomy
Ariad, Daniel (Ph.D. candidate, 2012), Magetic fields in galaxy clusters
Bashan, Yuval (B.Sc. project, 2018), X marks the spot
Dr. Ben-Dayan, Ido (post-doc, with R. Brustein, 2017), MOND
Ben-Meir, Arnon (Dekalim projects, 2013), Black-hole spectroscopy
Deri, Tom (B.Sc. project, 2019), The inverse flow problem in fluid dynamics
Elbaz, Omer (B.Sc. project, 2021), Point source identification
Gal, Yotam 
(B.Sc. project, 2018, and M.Sc. project), Cluster sloshing simulations
Dr. Kagan, Daniel (post-doc 2020; Kreitman and Zuckermann fellowships)
Kogan, Dani (B.Sc. project, 2014), Self-similar jetted blast wave
Lavi, Assaf (M.Sc. 2021; Excellence fellowship; B.Sc. project+Dekalim, 2017)
Malka, Elad (M.Sc. project, 2017), spiral flows
Dr. Mondal, Santanu (post-doc; Kreitman fellowship)
Moyal, Yftach (B.Sc. project, 2018), cluster merger simulations
Mushkin, Jonathan (B.Sc. project, 2016), Stacked Fermi-LAT virial shocks
Dr. Naor, Yossi (postdoc 2020; Ph.D. 2019, Kreitman fellowship; M.Sc.. 2015 Cum Laude)
Pukshanski, Michael (B.Sc. project 2019), cluster rotation
Dr. Racah, Esther (post-doc, 2016), Fermi bubbles
Raveh, Itay (B.Sc. project, 2015, with R. Burstein), structure formation
Reiss, Ido (Ph.D., 2018), The intergalactic medium and virial shocks
Riemer, Noam (B.Sc. project, 2013), Reverberation mapping
Rofeh, Idan (Dkalim B.Sc. project, 2019), Radio point source spectra
Sherf, Nimrod (M.Sc., 2017), Fermi bubbles
Wallerstein, Idan (M.Sc., 2021), Fluid dynamics
Wasserman, Omer (B.Sc. project, 2021), Virial rings


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