A complete list of my publications may be found here: arXiv, or here: inSpire, or here:  NASA ADS

Some recent highlights:

  • Kovetz, Cholis and Kaplan, PRD 2018: "Bounds on Ultra-Light Hidden-Photon Dark Matter from 21cm at Cosmic Dawn"
  • Wong, Kovetz, Cutler and Berti, PRL 2018: "Expanding the LISA Horizon from the Ground"
  • Kovetz, Poulin, Gluscevic, Boddy, Barkana and Kamionkowski, PRD 2018: "Tighter Limits on Dark Matter Explanations of the Anomalous EDGES 21cm Signal"
  • Kovetz, Cholis, Kamionkowski and Silk, PRD 2018, featured on PRD Kaleidoscope: "Limits on Runaway Growth of Intermediate Mass Black Holes from Advanced LIGO"
  • Kovetz, Viero, Lidz, Newburgh, Rahman, Switzer et al. (total of 48 contributing authors), prepared for Physics Reports: "Line-Intensity Mapping: 2017 Status Report"
  • Kovetz, PRL 2017: "Probing Primordial Black Hole Dark Matter with Gravitational Waves"
  • Kovetz, Cholis, Breysse and Kamionkowski, PRD 2017: "Black hole mass function from gravitational wave measurements"
  • Muñoz, Kovetz, Dai and Kamionkowski, PRL 2016, Editors' Suggestion: "Lensing of Fast Radio Bursts as a Probe of Compact Dark Matter"
  • Bird, Cholis, Muñoz, Ali-Haïmoud, Kamionkowski, Kovetz, Raccanelli and Riess, PRL 2016, featured as a Physics  Synopsis: "Did LIGO Detect Dark Matter?"
  • Kamionkowski and Kovetz, Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics 2016: "The Quest for B Modes from Inflationary Gravitational Waves"
  • Breysse, Kovetz and Kamionkowski, MNRAS Letters 2016: "The high-redshift star formation history from carbon-monoxide intensity maps"
  • Muñoz, Kovetz and Ali-Haïmoud, PRD 2015: "Heating of baryons due to scattering with dark matter during the dark ages"
  • Kamionkowski and Kovetz, PRL 2014, featured as a Physics  Synopsis; Editors' Suggestion: "Statistical Diagnostics to Identify Galactic Foregrounds in B-Mode Maps"