Lab tour of atomic table top experiments at BGU

by Ron Folman

Ben-Gurion University
at Particles and Fields Seminar

Mon, 11 Nov 2019, 14:00


Leaving at 14:00 from the entrance of building 54. You may also meet us at the entrance to building 95 at 14:10.
Dark Matter (DM) searches as well as other searches for signs of physics beyond the Standard Model (Standard Model Extension – SME), are a very hot topic. Table top experiments are becoming a central tool in the above quest. We (the BGU atom chip group) are part of the GNOME consortium for AXION DM searches (our BGU station is almost ready). We are also starting to work with the CERN GBAR collaboration on trapping anti-hydrogen on atom chips, to test anti-gravity and CPT symmetry breaking. We also do clock interferometry that may give new insight on the interface of gravity and QM. I will describe all this in our tour, but most of all, I will describe the potential of collaboration between BGU theoreticians and our group in thinking of new experiments and conducting new searches for signs of exotic physics.

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