A New Program and a World Competitive Facility for Fission and Exotic Nuclei Research in Israel

by Israel Mardor

at Special seminar

Mon, 03 Dec 2018, 10:00
building 56, room -103


Please note the special location of this seminar which is organized by the Faculty of Engineering Sciences Research of fission and its neutron rich fragments generates vital contributions to understanding the nucleosynthesis rapid neutron capture process r process extending nuclear models to regions far from stability nuclear reactor design and operation and nuclear waste transmutation These exploration fields are at the top priority of international scientific agencies as described in the recent long range plans of DOE and NSF USA and NuPECC Europe and materialized by enormous world wide investments in exotic isotope facilities such as FRIB USA GSI FAIR Germany and RIBF Japan In this talk I present our program to place Israel on the world map of this emerging field by combining an Ion Catcher that is based on the one existing at GSI FAIR with the high flux neutron source of the accelerator SARAF II currently under construction at Soreq NRC This venture will be realized by proceeding in several parallel courses: At SARAF I Gamma and neutron induced fission experiments on various actinide targets at variable neutron energy spectra We will utilize a number of measurement methods including activation analysis and in beam fission fragment measurements by e g a twin ionization chamber and diamond detectors At GSI FAIR Physics and technical experiments and joint R amp D projects with the Ion Catcher Group The Ion Catcher comprises a cryogenic stopping cell CSC RF Quadrupole RFQ based mass filters beam lines and traps and a Multiple Reflection Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer MR TOF MS Exotic isotopes are thermalized in the CSC and mass measured in the MR TOF MS with isobar and even isomer resolving ability Planned experiments include isotope yield distributions isomer yield ratios and new fragment mass measurements from 252Cf spontaneous fission and validating and using our novel method to measure beta delayed single and multi neutron emission probabilities of beam induced fission fragments At the University Design and construct a laboratory for Ion Catcher R amp D containing prototypes and demonstrators of all components for gaining the required knowledge and expertise in the field Lab activities will include developing systems for experiments at GSI FAIR and SARAF II and performing local experiments based on spontaneous fission and alpha recoil sources all accompanied by advanced simulations This is a highly multi disciplinary activity including nuclear physics RF fields electronics control vacuum precise mechanics chemistry and particle transport by gas flow and electric fields In collaboration Design and construct an Ion Catcher at SARAF II creating a research facility of neutron rich exotic isotopes in Israel by the middle of the next decade for the national and international community based on high energy neutron induced fission Our conceptual design and preliminary estimations indicate that such a facility will be potent in a world competitive manner exceeding neutron rich isotope production rates of other future facilities such as FRIB in the USA

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