Non Abelian fermion parity interferometry of Majorana bound states in a Fermi sea

by Daniel Dahan,

at Special seminar

Wed, 25 Jan 2017, 13:30
Physics building (#54) room 207


We study the quantum dynamics of Majorana and regular fermion bound states coupled to a one dimensional lead The dynamics following the quench in the coupling to the lead exhibits a series of dynamical revivals as the bound state propagates in the lead and reflects from the boundaries We show that the nature of revivals for a single Majorana bound state depends uniquely on the presence of a resonant level in the lead When two spatially separated Majorana modes are coupled to the lead the revivals depend only on the phase difference between their host superconductors Remarkably the quench in this case effectively performs a fermion parity interferometry between Majorana bound states revealing their unique non Abelian braiding Using both analytical and numerical techniques we find the pattern of fermion parity transfers following the quench study its evolution in the presence of disorder and interactions and thus ascertain the fate of Majorana in a rough Fermi sea COMMENTS: The use of Particle Physics concepts has infiltrated Condensed Matter Theory which makes this seminar interesting for both groups

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