Topological Superconductivity in Topological Materials

by Masatoshi Sato

at Condensed Matter Theory Seminar

Wed, 14 Nov 2018, 13:30
Physics building (#54) room 207


The discovery of topological insulators opens a new avenue for exploring new states of matters Not just by their characteristic gapless surface states but also by their rather strong spin orbit coupling topological materials realize an ideal platform for unconventional physical phenomena In this talk I will explain how various topological materials can exhibit various different kinds of topological superconductivity In particular I will explain a variety of topological superconductivity in Dirac semimetals 1 6 1 S Kobayashi M Sato Phys Rev Lett 115 187001 2015 2 T Hashimoto S Kobayashi Y Tanaka M Sato Phys Rev B94 014510 2016 3 M Oudah et al Nature Commu 7 13617 2016 4 T Kawakami T Okamura S Kobayashi M Sato arXiv:1802 09962 to appear in Phys Rev X 5 P Zhang et al arXiv:1809 09971 Nature Physics online 2018 6 T Kawakami M Sato in preparation

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