Single molecule dynamics detected with scanning tunnelling microscopy

by Moamen Jbara

at Condensed Matter Theory Seminar

Wed, 31 Oct 2018, 13:30
Physics building (#54) room 207


Although STM is unique in its atomic resolution it does not have the ability to observe chemically relevant information on the atomic resolution image which is observed Macroscopically magnetic resonance techniques are the most effective tools for observing such information A combination of the atomic resolution of the scanning tunnelling microscope and the analytical power of magnetic resonance techniques resulted in the emergence of the ESR STM technique ESR STM is based on monitoring STM current current correlations in a static voltage V and a static magnetic field B The experiment results at a signal at the Larmor frequency fL a signal that is sharp even at room temperature It observes a single spin and no oscillating field is applied Such a peak has been found for several spin systems including dangling bonds metal impurities in silicon and adsorbed paramagnetic radicals TEMPO molecules In this seminar I will present the results of applying the ESR STM technique on TEMPO Au 111 substrates which can be concluded in two stages the first is searching for round objects with diameter of 1 nm i e TEMPO molecules in the STM image and then performing a local spectroscopic measurement for the single spin We were successful in observing the hyperfine coupling of the TEMPO molecules Au 111 Moreover the ESR STM spectrum was shown to provide information about the rotational motion of the TEMPO molecules and about the g and the hyperfine tensor

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