A scalable high power yellow laser source based on frequency doubling of a combined Yb Raman fiber amplifier

by Eitan Rowen

at Quantum optics seminar

Tue, 13 May 2014, 15:30
Physics building (#54) room 207


We demonstrate a record of over 40W yellow light by frequency doubling the output of a novel combined Ytterbium Raman amplifier CYRA fiber source A pulsed source in the wavelength range of 1060 1100nm is efficiently shifted by stimulated Raman scattering SRS to the wavelength of a CW seed in the 1100 1180nm range While pulse width is determined by the pulsed source the wavelength is set by the narrowband CW seed The extended frequency is doubled to yellow in a single pass SHG with an overall efficiency of 915nm pump converted to

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