Advancements in Room-Temperature Superconductors: Implications for Technology and Energy Systems - Kickstart the century of superconductivity

by Dr. Ran Salem

Unearthly Materials
at Quantum optics seminar

Wed, 24 May 2023, 16:00
ZOOM only


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Unearthly Materials is dedicated to integrating room-temperature superconductors into the fabric of everyday life by developing the first commercially available ambient-condition superconductor. This venture was inspired by a discovery made by our team in 2020, which identified the first room-temperature superconductor using carbonaceous Sulphur hydride under extreme high-pressure conditions.
Room-temperature superconductors have broad potential applications, including improvements in electronic devices, transportation systems, and the development of sustainable energy solutions. These applications contribute to climate change mitigation efforts and the evolution of global energy systems.
Most recently, we have made significant strides towards our goal of creating an ambient pressure room-temperature superconductor with the discovery of Redd matter (nitrogen-doped lutetium hydride), a novel material that exhibits superconducting properties at room temperature and near-ambient pressure conditions [Nature 615, 244–250 (2023)].
In this presentation I will discuss the latest progress in hydride research contributing to higher critical temperatures (Tc) and recently enabling room-temperature superconductivity. We will focus on the use of high-pressure methods to produce new hydrides. The objectives and achievements of Unearthly Materials, along with our efforts towards the commercialization of room-temperature superconductors, will also be covered.

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