The galaxy UV luminosity function at z=11 from a suite of public JWST ERS, ERO and Cycle-1 programs

by Dr. Derek Mcleod

University of Edinburgh
at Astrophysics and Cosmology Seminar

Wed, 17 May 2023, 11:10
Remote Zoom Seminar


I will present a new determination of the evolving galaxy UV luminosity function (LF) over the redshift range 9.5<z<12.5, based on a wide area (>250 sq. arcmin) search for high-redshift galaxies conducted using thirteen public JWST NIRCam surveys. Our relatively large-area search allows us to uncover a sample of 61 robust z>9.5 candidates detected at >8 sigma, and hence place new constraints on the intermediate-to-bright end of the UV LF. When combined with our previous JWST+UVISTA results, we are able to measure the form of the LF over a luminosity range corresponding to four magnitudes (M_1500). I will discuss the functional form and evolution of the LF at z=9-11, and draw comparisons with both pre- and early JWST observations. The luminosity-weighted integral of our evolving UV LF gives us the luminosity density, from which we can determine the co-moving star-formation rate density. I will discuss the evolution of the star-formation rate density in the context of previous observations and predictions of theoretical models of galaxy evolution.

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