Strong interactions in correlated dipolar quantum fluids of excitons and polaritons

by Prof. Ronen Rapaport

at Condensed Matter Seminar

Mon, 16 May 2022, 11:30
Sacta-Rashi Building for Physics (54), room 207


Quantum fluids of bosonic matter with long range, anisotropic interactions display rich exotic collective phenomena, from Roton instabilities, quantum droplets, and supersolidity [1]. A prominent example is the dipole-dipole interaction, which has recently been addressed by a growing community, both from atomic physics as well as from condensed matter physics, with the latter being focused on two-dimensional dipolar excitons, bound pairs of an electron and a hole in a semiconductor. Very recently, dressed superposition states of dipolar excitons and confined photons (‘dipolaritons’) have been reported. These strongly interacting dipolar exciton and polariton systems offer opportunities to explore new collective phenomena which are currently inaccessible with atomic dipolar gases, and the possibility to demonstrate new types of quantum photonic devices.

I will present several recent results in systems of dipolar excitons and polaritons. These include experimental evidence for the dynamical formation of a robust dark dense quantum liquid phase of dipolar excitons in a bilayer system [2], and the observation of anisotropic, attractive vertical coupling of stacked dipolar exciton fluids, a first step towards realizing an exciton dipolar pair superfluid [4]. Finally, I will introduce recent experiments with electrically tunable exciton-photon super-position states that effectively act as “interacting photons” [5]. I will present a demonstration of a dipolar mirror and a dipolar transistor for such hybrid photons, a result promising for future implementations of a dipolar blockade and quantum circuitry of light.  

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