How Unique is Classical Gravity?

by Shiraz Minwalla

Tata Institute
at Particles and Fields Seminar

Mon, 25 Apr 2022, 14:00
Sacta-Rashi Building for Physics (54), room 207 (Zoom)


We conjecture that low energy constraints are sufficient to classify all consistent tree level gravitational S matrices - i.e. S matrices whose
kinematical singularities consist only of poles. Specializing to local theories (theories with a finite number of derivatives and no more than a finite number of exchange poles) we present an argument for this conjecture. The argument proceeds assuming the so called CRG conjecture, i.e. that classical gravitational S matrices cannot scale faster with energy than $s^2$ in the Regge limit. We also review arguments in support of this conjecture.

(Seminar will be via Zoom and streamed in the seminar room)

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