First-order phase transitions with atoms in zero-dimensional cavity QED systems

by Prof. Peter Domokos

Wigner Research Centre, Hungary
at Quantum optics seminar

Wed, 06 Apr 2022, 15:00
ZOOM only


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We will first discuss some fundamental concepts of phase transition phenomenology in the context of cavity QED systems. Single atoms strongly coupled to a single mode of a resonator can yield effects that can be interpreted as first-order phase transitions [1]. I will show this correspondence in the example of the photon-blockade breakdown phase transition [2]. Then I will present our experimental system which is suitable to explore the thermodynamic limit and to perform finite size scaling measurements. I will report on the time-resolved observation of the dynamical transmission blockade breakdown phase transition as well as quantification of enhanced fluctuations in the critical region [3].

[1] J. M. Fink, A. Dombi, A. Vukics, A. Wallraff, P. Domokos: Observation of the Photon-Blockade Breakdown Phase Transition, Phys. Rev. X 7, 011012 (2017)

[2] A. Vukics, A. Dombi, J. M. Fink, and P. Domokos: Finite-size scaling of the photon-blockade breakdown dissipative quantum phase transition
Quantum 3, 150 (2019)

[3] T. W. Clark, A. Dombi, F. I. B. Williams, Á. Kurkó, J. Fortágh, D. Nagy, A. Vukics, P. Domokos: Time-resolved observation of a dynamical phase transition of atoms in a cavity, arXiv:2106.03544 [quant-ph]

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