X-ray, SZE & dark matter in galaxy clusters

by Dr. Stefano Ettori

INAF Bologna
at Astrophysics and Cosmology Seminar

Wed, 22 Dec 2021, 11:10
Remote Zoom seminar


Galaxy clusters are dark-matter dominated systems enclosed in a volume that is a high-density microcosm of the rest of the universe.
I will present the most recent results on the distribution of their gravitating and baryonic mass obtained from our projects XMM-Newton Cluster Outskirts Project (X-COP) and CLASH, and how we will improve these constraints with our on-going XMM-Newton Heritage Cluster Project, that will pave the way in using the next generation of X-ray observatories, like Athena, to construct a consistent picture of the formation and composition of galaxy clusters.

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