Quantum simulators: from the Fermi Hubbard model to quantum assisted NMR inference

by Eugene Demler

ETH Z├╝rich
at Physics Colloquium

Mon, 22 Nov 2021, 16:10


I will review recent progress of the optical lattice emulators of the Fermi Hubbard model. The new feature of these experiments is availability of snapshots of many-body states with single particle resolution. I will discuss new insight from these experiments on the properties of magnetic polarons in antiferromagnetic Mott insulators. I will also discuss the idea of using quantum simulators to perform inference of NMR spectra for biological molecules. Practical aspects of realizing this hybrid quantum-classical algorithm on currently available experimental platforms will be reviewed.

*** The Zoom link will be sent to all the department members on the day of the event. ***
*** This colloquium is joint with all the universities in Israel. We invite you to log in at 15:55 for socializing. The talk itself will start at 16:10. ***

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