Characterization of Co2+ doped matrices for laser applications

by Mr. Avry Shirakov

Ben-Gurion University Of The Negev
at Quantum optics seminar

Wed, 20 Oct 2021, 17:00
ZOOM only


Student Seminar!

Note that the seminar is typically at 15:00 but this week it is at 17:00.

The seminar is by ZOOM only! via this link:

We investigated three main subjects all of which are concerned with the characterization of Co2+ doped matrices for laser applications. The first subject is the energy level transitions and their decay lifetimes. We have introduced a corrected energy level assignment for Co2+:ZnSe (Co2+:ZnS has the same energy level structure). This new assignment improved the understanding of the energy level transitions and allowed us to measure the kinetics of these transitions. The second subject is the radiative and non-radiative transition lifetimes. Understanding the nature of energy levels transitions is critical in case of new lasing materials. Additionally to Co2+ doped materials, we investigated a more known lasing material, Ti3+ doped Sapphire. The third subject we investigated, is the use of Co2+ doped matrices as a saturable absorber, and the implementation of Co2+ doped matrices into a laser resonator to operate as a passive Q-switch.

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