News from the Gravitational-Wave Sky

by Alessandra Bounanno

Max Planck Institute For Gravitational Physics
at Physics Colloquium

Mon, 28 Jun 2021, 16:10


The solution of the two-body problem in General Relativity is playing a crucial role in observing gravitational waves from binary systems composed of black holes and neutron stars, and inferring their astrophysical, cosmological and gravitational properties. After reviewing the synergistic approach that successfully combines analytical and numerical relativity to produce highly accurate waveform models, I will discuss the most compelling and puzzling findings from the most recent LIGO-Virgo observing run.

*** The Zoom link will be sent to all the department members on the day of the event. ***
*** This colloquium is joint with all the universities in Israel. We invite you to log in at 16:00 for socializing. The talk itself will start at 16:10. ***

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