From Laser Plasma Acceleration to Laser Plasma Accelerators

by Victor Malka

Weizmann Institute
at Physics Colloquium

Mon, 03 May 2021, 16:10


Laser Plasma Acceleration (LPA) rely on the electrons motion control with intense laser pulses [1]. The accurate manipulation of such relativistic electrons with lasers allows a fine mapping of the longitudinal and radial components of giant electric fields with values that can exceed hundreds of GV/m [2]. This control allows to perform precise injection of the electrons from the plasma background, that are efficiently accelerated. Mastering these movements in micrometre to millimetre volume is crucial to optimize laser plasma accelerators, that deliver today ultra-short and ultra-bright energetic particle or radiation beams.

To illustrate the beauty of laser plasma accelerators I will show some concepts that give improvements the quality of the electron beam, its stability [3] and its energy gain [4], and its divergence [5]. I’ll then show how by controlling the quiver motion of relativistic electrons intense and bright X rays beams are produced in a compact and elegant way [6-7]. Finally, I’ll show some examples of applications.

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