Harnessing the Micro-eV Defect Landscape as a Controllable Quantum Material

by Dr. Yaniv J. Rosen

Lawrence Livermore National Lab
at Condensed Matter Seminar

Thu, 25 Mar 2021, 16:00
Zoom *** Note the time/date change ****


Most materials utilized for quantum information devices are far from pristine and homogeneous. They contain ubiquitous coupled ╬╝eV-scale defects, which are not well understood, and which couple to superconducting devices. Typically, such imperfections are seen as hampering key physical properties such as quantum coherence, and thus effort has focused on reducing the device coupling to the open quantum system of defects. However, under the right conditions these disordered states can actually be utilized as a quantum resource in superconducting circuits. To achieve this goal we must first understand how the defects behave. I will discuss results that describe the coupling mechanisms to the environment. I will then present a circuit that allows us to add an independent electric field to the defects without introducing an additional source of power leakage. This electric field allows us to both characterize, and to control the defects, producing collective behavior. I will show that rather than hindering devices, these states can be used as a reservoir of useful non-linear elements.


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