Effective Field Theory for Closed Strings near the Hagedorn Temperature

by Yoav Zigdon

Ben-Gurion University
at Particles and Fields Seminar

Mon, 08 Mar 2021, 14:00


I will talk about interacting, closed superstrings in thermal equilibrium at temperatures close to the Hagedorn temperature in flat space. A low-energy effective action for these strings is derived in 2101.07836 through calculations of string S-matrix elements at the Hagedorn temperature. The equations of motion resulting from the effective action possess a winding-mode-condensate background solution above the Hagedorn temperature. The effective field theory has a generalized conformal structure, namely, it is conformally invariant when the temperature is assigned an appropriate scaling dimension. Finally, the Hagedorn phase transition in the setup we consider is second-order, in contrast to a first-order transition that was found previously in different setups.

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