Professor  Michael Lublinsky  

Last update: August 2018
        Ben-Gurion University           Tel: 08-6461849, Fax: 08-6472904 
        Department of Physics             e-mail: 
        Building 54, room 217
        Beer Sheva 84105, Israel



  Research area:  Theoretical  High Energy and Nuclear Physics.


 Main research topics:

Theory and phenomenology of (perturbative) Quantum Chromo-Dynamics 
(QCD) at very high energies.
Holographic description of strongly coupled Quark Gluon Plasma (sQGP). Relativistic Hydrodynamics. (shear viscosity and other transport coefficient computed from the fluid-gravity correspondence can be  found here)

  HILHC collaboration

 Research workshop on "Heavy Ion Collisions at LHC" at BGU (2015)

 Students at all levels are most welcome!

 There are MSc, PhD and Postdoc Research Fellowships!

 Applications are welcome at any time.

Physics 2 for Physics Majors
Graduate Quantum Mechanics (3)
Quantum Field Theory
Selected topics in QFT

Research Grants

EU FP7  IRG (2010-2014)

ISF (2012-2016)

EU FP7 IRSES (2013-2016)

BSF (2013-2017)

ISF (2016-2020)

BSF (2016-2019)

Present Group at BGU:

Dr. Mirko Serino
Dr. Tuna Demircik

Former students:

Arthur Shulkin (MSc 2014); 
"Triple Pomeron Vertex in the wave-functional formalism of high energy QCD"
Adam Reichenthal (MSc 2014):
"Transport coefficients from fluid-gravity correspondence"
 Yair Mulian  (PhD 2017):
"High energy QCD at next-to-leading order"