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Gal Aviv  
Msc student
The atom chip group
ILSE KATZ Nano Science Center
Physics department
Ben-Gurion University
Beer-Sheva 84105 Israel
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Advisor: Dr. Ron Folman

Thesis Title- BlochBit:
Multi photon Coherent manipulations of an atomic two-state system

Since the dawn of quantum mechanics in the 1920s, the atomic two-state system has served as an important model of radiation-matter interaction, and has also been used in a multitude of technical applications. The appearance of quantum computing concepts in the 1980s ushered in a new role for the atomic two-state system: that of the “qubit”, the quantum equivalent of the well-known “bit” of the digital computer. Realization of a qubit is an important step towards the construction of a quantum computer, and many papers describe work that has been done in this area. In the proposed research, we will focus our attentions on two-state systems based on room temperature and/or ultracold neutral alkali atoms. We will try to develop a method for arbitrary manipulation of these two-state systems, so that they can serve as addressable, readable qubits. Our qubit manipulations will be based on Raman laser beams – two coherent laser beams separated in frequency by the energy interval between the states of the two-state atomic system.
The development will first review a theoretical issue: the problem of destructive interference between two parallel Raman excitation routes, also known as the “ΔmF=2 issue”. The theoretical study will guide us to the second part of the study – the proper design and construction of the experiment. In the third and final part, we will collect and analyze the experimental data, evaluate progress to our ultimate goal – demonstrating a fundamental two-qubit quantum gate--and chart new ways to proceed.  


Bose-Einstein Condensation in a gas: a new form of matter at the coldest temperatures in the universe...

SQUID - Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices

ILSE KATZ Nano Science Center donors review committee 2008  - (Poster session)  Bloch qubit

IPS 2008 
conference - (Talk) 
Bloch qubit

FRISNO 2009 conference - (poster session) Bloch qubit


A. Waxman, M. Givon, G. Aviv, D. Groswasser, R. Folman, "Modulation enhancement of a laser diode in an external cavity, Appl Phys B DOI 10.1007/s00340-008-3356-0 

D. Groswasser, A. Waxman, M. Givon, G. Aviv, Y. Japha, M. Keil, and R. Folman, "Retro-reflecting Polarization-Spectroscopy enabling miniaturization" - submitted opt. lett.


2_Photon_Transition exspermental results
Constructing a laser systems to drive Raman transitions in atoms
SQUID - Superconductiong Quantum Interference Devices  Paper
Laser Cooling and Trapping


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