Geva Arwas

PhD student

Physics department
Ben-Gurion University
Beer-Sheva 84105 Israel

Office: Physics department, 54/317

I’m a PhD student at the physics department of Ben-Gurion University
in the group of Prof. Doron Cohen.

Research interests [highlights ]

I am interested in the dynamics of condensed particles in low dimentional systems. In particular, my research mainly focuses on Superfluidity and Quantum Chaos in Bose-Hubbard Hamiltonians. See more information here


  • Resonant persistent currents for ultracold bosons on a lattice ring [arXiv],
    G. Arwas, D. Cohen, F. Hekking, A. Minguzzi, Phys. Rev. A 96, 063616 (2017)
    Editors' Suggestion.
  • Chaos, metastability and ergodicity in Bose-Hubbard superfluid circuits,
    G. Arwas, D. Cohen, AIP Conference Proceedings 1912, 020001 (2017)
  • Superfluidity of Bose-Hubbard circuits [arXiv] [pdf],
    G. Arwas, D. Cohen, Phys. Rev. B 95, 054505 (2017).
  • Chaos and two-level dynamics of the Atomtronic Quantum Interference Device[arXiv][pdf]
    G. Arwas, D. Cohen, New Journal of Physics 18, 015007 (2016).
  • Superfluidity and Chaos in low dimensional circuits [arXiv] [pdf],
    G. Arwas, A. Vardi, D. Cohen, Scientific Reports 5, 13433 (2015).
  • Triangular Bose-Hubbard trimer as a minimal model for a superfluid circuit [arXiv] [pdf],
    G. Arwas, A. Vardi, D. Cohen, Phys. Rev. A 89, 013601 (2014).
  • Multiple path transport in quantum networks [arXiv] [pdf],
    G. Arwas, D. Cohen, J. Phys. A 46, 165101 (2013).
  • Scholarships & Awards

  • Rector’s Award for excellence in Ph.D. studies.
  • Zabey award for outstanding M.Sc. thesis in the faculty of natural sciences.
  • Negev scholarship for PhD studies.
  • Teaching assistance

    Quantum Theory 1 (2014-2017)
    Quantum Theory 2 (2013-2017)
    Physics3 (2014)
    Physics2B (2013)
    Physics1C (2012)
    Physics1B (2012)