IPS 2008 - Program

    Refreshments and fast track registration [1,2]
Zonnenfeld hall
      Plenary session
    chair: Prof. Amnon Aharony (BGU)
09:50-10:00     Welcome:
    Prof. Rivka Carmi (BGU president)
10:00-10:15     Opening and IPS prizes:
    Prof. Avishai Dekel  (IPS president)
10:15-11:00     Plenary Lecture:
    Prof. Moty Heiblum (WIS),
    Fractionally charged quasiparticles in the fractional quantum Hall effect.
    Registration for non-registered participants [1,2], Posters and Fairs [3]
  Review 1
High energy and Astrophysics
chair: R. Brustein (BGU)
Review 2
Quantum and Solid state physics

chair: G. Deutscher (TAU)
Review 3
Biophysics and Statistical Physics

chair: E. Domany (WIS)
11:40-12:10 LHC - a theorist's perspective,
Yossi Nir (WIS)
Experimental quantum information processing - the |\psi\rangle of the art,
Nadav Katz (HU)
From bioinformatics to systems biology: what's the physicist's role?
Eli Eisenberg (TAU)
12:10-12:40 Magnetars,
David Eichler (BGU)
Electronic structure of the cuprate superconducting and pseudogap states from spectroscopic imaging STM,
Seamus Davis (Cornell)
Imaging physical concepts: A review of Bose-Einstein condensation,
Jeff Steinhauer (Technion)
    Lunch break,  PostersTrade fair,  Job fair [4], IPS council meeting [5]
Parallel sessions A 
Bldg. 90
16:00-16:30      Coffee break
Parallel sessions B

[1] Fast track registration is intended for those who have registered in advance and filled the payment webform.
[2] There will be 6 PC stands available for web browsing, as well as wireless network coverage for guests. 
[3] Posters and fairs are expected to be available from 11:00
at the 2nd and 1st floor lobbies of Bldg.90.
[4] Posters and fairs are expected to be available from 12:40 till 18:30.
[5] The IPS Council will be held at room 90/129, during 12:45-13:45.
[6] There are stairs down from the lobby of Bldg.90 that lead to the lecture rooms 92/001 and 92/002.