Phys. Rev. Letters 72, 2624 (1994)

Composite edge states in the nu =2/3 fractional quantum Hall regime

Yigal Meir
Department of Physics, University of California—Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California 93106

(Received 22 November 1993)

A generalized nu =2/3 state, which unifies the sharp edge picture of MacDonald with the soft edge picture of Chang and of Beenakker is presented and studied in detail. Using an exact relation between correlation functions of this state and those of the Laughlin nu =1/3 wave function, the correlation functions of the nu =2/3 state are determined via a classical Monte Carlo calculation, for systems up to fifty electrons. It is found that as a function of the slope of the confining potential there is a sharp transition of the ground state from one description to the other. The experimental implications are discussed.

©1994 The American Physical Society.

PACS: 73.40.Hm 72.20.My 73.40.Kp 73.50.Jt

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