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Prof. Yishay Manassen
Head of the SPM Research Group

Department of Physics
Building 54 Room 211
Ben Gurion University of the Negev
P.O.Box 653, Be'er Sheva 84105

email: manassen@bgu.ac.il
T. +972-(0)8-647-2153 (lab) ; +972-(0)8-646-1178 (office)
F. +972-(0)8-647-2904


Research Interests:

Topics related to the field of scanning probe microscope and nanotechnology are of interest to me. This includes modification of scanning probe techniques for detecting new physical observables, and developing new applications. I am interested in questions related to nanomagnetism, observing single spin phenomena, other questions are related to the kinetics of surface processes and chemical reactions, stress induced phenomena, etc.. We are constructing also a dual tip STM with micron-size tips. Within this framework we are working on electron transport phenomena on the nm scale on surfaces and molecules. The group is working on several differetnt samples, from semiconductor to metal surfaces, in UHV and cryogenic conditions.

Yishay Manassen's STM Group

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