Computational Physics

Semester 2011A

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This course is based on on-line material from:
"Computational Physics"
By Professor Morten Hjorth-Jensen  from the University of Oslo,
Lecture notes in Computational Physics (2009)
The web link to his course is here

I would like to thank Prof. M. Hjorth-Jensen for letting his coursware material be available on-line !

Other Books:
Computational Physics, Second Edition. Nicholas J. Giordano and Hisao Najanishi
2006 Pearson Education, Inc.
ISBN 0-13-146990-8

About this book

computational physics

Chapter 1: Radioactive decay + Appendix A: ODE
Chapter 2: Projectile Motion
Chapter 3: Oscillatory Motion
Chapter 4: The Solar System
Chapter 5: Potential and Fields
Chapter 6: Waves
Chapter 7: Random Systems
Chapter 8: Statistical Mechanics
Chapter 9: Molecular Dynamics

Appendix E: Numerical Integration
Appendix H: Linear Systems

Computational Physics Courses around the world

TheTechnion, Prof. Joad Adler, Introduction to Computational Physics 118094
Bar Ilan University, Prof. D.C. Rapaport, Introduction to Computational Physics 86-362
Tel Aviv University, Prof. Mark Karliner, Introduction to Computational Physics 0321.3153
Boston University PY502
University of Oslo, Prof. Morten Hjorth-Jensen, Computational Physics FYS3150 (2007) FYS4410 (2008)
Cornell University Physics 4480/7680
U-Mass Physics 281
MPI for Astronomy, Heidelberg  Computational Physics
Hong Kong University PHYS3231
OSU - Oragon State, Professor Rubin H LandauComputatioal Physics I , Computational Physics II,  Video Lectures
George Mason University PHYS 251
UW Madison Computational Physics, Physics 433
Imperial College, London CMTH, Computational Physics
UTK - Jack Dongarra - Scientific Computing CS594-2010
NYU Computational Physics
Rutgers Computational Physics Course 509
University of Texas, Introduction to Computational Physics
Ohio State, Computational Physics, Physics 780.20
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweeden, Computational Physics SI2530
UCSD Computational Physics 141/241
Buffalo Computational Physics phy411-506
Laboratory of Computational Physics, SEDE di MIRAMARE, Trieste, Italy  2009/2010
Syracuse University, Prof. Simon Catterall,  PHY600 - Fall 2010
University of Delaware, Computational Methods of Physics Phys460/660

Other Courses

MIT Opencourseware  18.085 Computational Science and Engineering I by Prof. Gilbert Strang, Very Recommended!
MIT Opencourseware  12.010 Computational Methods of Scientific Programming
MIT Opencourseware  18.337J / 6.338J Applied Parallel Computing (SMA 5505)

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