Ben-Gurion University

Dynamical Processes in Space Plasmas

Israel, 16-22 March 2014

Sheffield Space Systems Group

M. Balikhin (Sheffield University, UK) (Chairman)
M. Gedalin (Ben-Gurion University, Israel)

Scientific Program Committee:

R. Bruno (INAF-IAPS, Italy)
T. Gombosi (UMICH, USA)
U. Keshet (BGU, Israel)
L. Ofman (CUA and NASA, USA)
A. Runov (UCLA, USA)
C.T. Russell (UCLA, USA)
Y. Shprits (UCLA, USA)


The meeting brings together scientists working in solar physics, space physics, plasma physics, and astrophysics, in theory, simulations, and experiment. The objective is to report and discuss recent progress in our understanding of the fundamental processes in solar, space, and astrophysical plasmas, in view of heliospheric in-situ and remote sensing measurements (Van Allen Probe, Themis, Cluster, Stereo, SDO, Messenger, Cassini, Venus-Express) and remote sensing astrophysical observations (Chandra, XMM-Newton, Swift and Fermi Gamma-ray Telescope).

Local Organizing Committee

Background: Sunrise on the Dead sea, T. Gombosi (2004)

For contacts:
Michael Gedalin
Michael Balikhin