Dynamical Processes in Space Plasmas

Ben-Gurion University

Israel, 7-15 May 2006

Sheffield Space Systems Group

M. Balikhin (Sheffield University, UK) (Chairman)
M. Gedalin (Ben-Gurion University, Israel)
S. Walker (Sheffield University, UK)

Scientific Advisory Committee:

P. Escoubet (ESA/ESTEC, Netherlands)
A. Klimas (NASA/GFSC, USA)
G. Lakhina (IIG, Mumbai, India)
D. Melrose (Sydney University, Australia)
C. Russell (UCLA, USA)
R. Sagdeev (UMD, USA)
L. Stenflo (Ume University, Sweden)
R. Treumann (MPE, Garching, Germany)
S. Wing (JHU/APL, USA)
L. Zelenyi (Space Research Institute, Russia)

Organizing Committee

Instructions for proceedings

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The purpose of this meeting is to bring together scientists working in space physics, plasma physics, and astrophysics, in theory, simulations, and experiment. The main focus of the meeting will be on the following topics: shocks, particle acceleration, reconnection, turbulence, complexity, and advanced data analysis methods.

Important info

Background: Dusk on the Dead sea, T. Gombosi (2004)

For contacts:

Michael Gedalin
Department of Physics
Ben-Gurion University
P.O.Box 653, Beer-Sheva 84105 Israel
tel: 972-8-6461645
fax: 972-8-6472904
email: gedalin@bgu.ac.il