Dynamical Processes in Critical Regions of the Heliosphere

Ben-Gurion University

Israel, 3-10 March 2004

Isradynamics 2006
"Dynamical processes in space plasmas: Advances in theory and multipoint measurements"
Spring 2006

Scientific Conveners:

Rudolf Treumann (MPE, Garching, Germany)
Michael Balikhin (Sheffield University, UK)
Michael Gedalin (Ben-Gurion University, Israel)

Local Organizing Committee:

Michael Gedalin (BGU) (Chairman), David Eichler (BGU) Ephim Golbraikh (BGU) Peter Israelevich (TAU) Michael Mond (BGU)

Scientific Advisory Committee:

M. Andre (IRFU, Sweden) ,
J. Drake (UMD, USA),
M. Goldstein (GSFC, USA),
G. Lakhina (IIG, Mumbai, India), R. Lin (UCB, Berkeley, USA), T. Lui (APL, USA),
Y. Omura (Kyoto University, Japan), C. Russell (UCLA, USA), M. Scholer (MPE, Garching, Germany) , G. Zank (UCR, Riverside, USA)

COSPAR Colloquia Series Editor:

R. von Steiger (ISSI, Switzerland)

The Heliosphere is the only region in all space which is directly accessible to in situ observations and confirmation and tests of the theoretical predictions of plasma behaviour in planetary environments and in particular in stellar winds and their interaction with heavenly obstacles like planets, comets, moons etc. and the interstellar medium. Naturally, in these interactions evolve regions where the interaction is severe and thus critical for the behaviour of the plasma. Such regions determine the transport properties of the plasma and its dynamical state. The critical regions known to us in the heliosphere reach from the solar corona out to the heliopause, the termination shock and the heliospheric bow shock wave and encompass all kinds of discontinuities in the solar wind and planetary environments, shock waves, transition regions like the magnetosheath, low latitude boundary layer, plasma mantle, and plasma sheet in the Earth and other magnetized planet's environments. They also include the coupling of those regions to planets or other bodies.

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